Poker Guide: 8 Tips to Win in Poker

It’s not just a gamble. It is a game in which you need a lot of intelligence, patience and confidence in your own forces. It is a game that has come to be a major source of income for hardcore and passionate players. To enjoy it in more depth Joker 123 Casino, offers you to success tips.

  1. You must like the game

The prerequisite number 1 for winning poker is the passion for the game. Beginning is hard in any activity, but if you play poker with pleasure, you will be able to easily get through the many hours needed to learn the game.

  1. Learn the game at the lowest available stakes!

You will probably not be delighted with the minimum winnings from the small stakes, but at first it is important to learn the game and less to win. So stakes of $ 0.01 / $ 0.02 or $ 0.04 are the perfect place to learn basic rules.

  1. Play in bankroll!

For those who are not familiar with the term, bankroll is the money available for poker. For cash expert recommend a minimum bankroll of 30 buy-ins. For example, if you play at 2NL you will need a $ 60 bankroll. Do not go to a higher stake until you have a bankroll available for that stake.

  1. Do not play the stakes until you are ready!

Beginners make the mistake of moving to higher stakes too fast either when they catch a good period and seem to win against anyone or worse when they lose and want to recover. Do not do it! Usually the players at a higher stake are somewhat better and there are more chances to lose until you become accustomed to the new bet. Build a comfortable bankroll and only then can you try to play at higher stakes!

  1. Do not play too many hands!

The most common mistake for beginners is the wrong selection of starting hands. To defeat players from small stakes, you have to play a range of cards that dominate your opponents, so you get value from players who will often pay you with dominated hands.


  1. Do not overdo bluff!

Yes, it is a very pleasant feeling when you manage to bluff at the table, but especially at online poker at low stakes you will often be paid by opponents, often turning bluffs into bad investments.

  1. Be always attentive to table opponents!

Poker players are people like you, different, watch out for everybody’s style and try to assign a range of cards each time you’re in their hand. Do not just think of the cards in your hand, but also those of your opponent.

  1. Carefully select the tables you play!

In the beginning, if you play at the lowest stakes, all players will be weak, but the higher your stakes will meet the better players. Be careful to always have at least one poor player at the table, when you are at the table with good players, it is time to leave.

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