How to play Slot Machines Online

Written by Morgan Burton
The excitement of watching the reels spin on a slot machine, and that tense moment as the symbols begin to align is a joy to many, but how exactly do you play slot machines online?
Is it really as simple as placing a bet on a line and pressing a button, or is there more to it? In this easy guide I will explain the basics of how to play slot machines online and how they work, as well as tips and tricks to play slot machines online like the pros do, and their slot machine secrets.
The Basics
Slot machines, also known as Fruit Machines or One-Armed Bandits, are basically a device that spins symbols round on command. Playing online is a little different, as there is the animation of the spinning reels but the symbol pattern generated is at random by the computer. To play slot machines online is simple; find a slot game you like the look of, bet the amount you wish and press the spin button.
Some machines have bigger jackpots, like progressive jackpots where an amount of the money betted on that machine is added to a jackpot as it gets bigger and bigger until someone wins, and some are set by the symbols. Be sure to check the different payouts before playing.
That’s the basics, but all slot machines are different, with different payouts and chances, different symbols, mini-games and stakes.
In the simplest online slot machine, you only bet on one line coming up with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 matching symbols to win. But many offer even more combinations of lines going from the left side of the screen to the right. For example, there may be a 5-reel slot machine that shows 15 symbols at once, and the usual bet is right through the middle of the centre symbols, left to right through 5 symbols in a row.
Some games also offer to bet on the top lines, the bottom lines, diagonally or in an array of different zigzag patterns! Betting on these lines when you play slot machines online on top increases the amount you pay, but also increases your chances of winning!
Tips and Tricks
Some argue that slot machines are completely random, and there is no “method” to winning, each roll is a new chance separate to the last, but is this true? The pros argue that there are some tips, including:
Choose the right game – Do you want to win big and bet big? Then try a progressive jackpot machine. Do you want a longer time to play and smaller wins? Play slot machines online with a small jackpot, but a pay-table with a better range of small to medium payouts.
Stick to your Limit – Don’t get carried away, decide how much you are going to spend, and stick to it. If things turn bad, switch to a smaller bet until your luck improves.
If Things go Bad, Take a Break! – Remember, when you play slot machines online you not only play to win, but you also play to have fun. Don’t let the game upset you, and you can always come back to have another go later. Good luck!

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