Wheel Of Fortune Online Slot Features

Wheel Of Fortune
Written by Morgan Burton

Wheel of Fortune is a slot machine game manufactured by IGT. It features five reels and four rows of symbols, with the top images being Las Vegas-style buildings set in a desert landscape. This game is a great slot machine with many unique features.

Though the gameplay modes are simple, they still provide an adrenaline rush that fans of casino games will surely enjoy. You can find this game through idnsport as well. You can access idnsport through your browser.

Having said that, there are two gameplay modes: “normal mode” and “puzzle mode.”

Normal Mode

In normal mode, players can spin the reels using any amount of their bet. This way, you only get the winning combinations associated with the lines you’ve selected before spinning. Also, they can use an Autoplay option.

Puzzle Mode

The puzzle mode has 189 tiles that have to be put together in order to win prizes. After choosing one tile at random, another one will be automatically revealed if it doesn’t form part of the winning combination. This you can confirm by pressing the confirm button.

Special Symbols

Wheel of Fortune also has two special symbols: the Wild symbol and the Lucky Clover. The Wild substitutes for all other symbols, except for free spin-scatter.

The special Lucky Clover is a scatter that pays out even if you turn over one or more of them on any position on the reels. If you turn over three or more of such symbols, your free games will be activated.

Bonus Features of Wheel of Fortune Slot Game

The Wheel of Fortune slot machine game also has two bonus features: the Wheel Bonus and Free Games.

Wheel Bonus

The Wheel Bonus is a free spin bonus. If you get three or more scatter symbols when you turn over the reels, your free games will be activated. In these games, you can win up to 15000 credits in the normal mode. In the puzzle mode, if you don’t solve it in time, then all of your winnings are lost. These games also have a Gamble round which is activated if you’ve won anything from your spin.

Free Games

You activate the Free Games when you get three or more Lucky Clover symbols on the reels. However, unlike Wheel Bonus, it doesn’t have a maximum payout.

Bonus Feature: Gamble Round

Wheel of Fortune has a bonus feature called Gamble round. It is a special feature that is activated when you choose the Gamble option after having won anything with your spin. There are two options: red or black. If you choose the right color, your winnings will double; if not, they will be taken away from you.

The feature ends when you choose the wrong color and lose your winnings. Note that if you choose to gamble and lose, the number of free spins will also be taken away from you.

Wheel of Fortune can last indefinitely, depending on how much money you bet per line. If you play with a higher amount at a time, it will take longer for all lines to get filled up. This certainly increases your chances of winning.

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