Common Football Bets

Written by Morgan Burton

Football is the most popular sport in the world with a huge fan base. Do you think that the football lovers would suffice from only watching and playing the game? No. Being the most loved sport it also famous among the betters. Football also charts high in online sportsbook betting Malaysia. For those who are beginning the sports betting quite and those who want to know about the common football bets, this is where you find the answer to your inquisitiveness. You will get all the basic knowledge about the wagers which you may place in the future.

Moneyline Bets

The Moneyline wager is the simplest form of football betting where the winning team has to be forecasted. If you select the right team you win the money line bet and if your predictions are wrong then you lose.

Over/ Under Bets

This wager also comes in the list of the easiest forms of the bet. Here the online sportsbook betting Malaysia would publish the total number of goals both teams will score in total. You have to guess whether the total goals would be over or under the mentioned number of goals by the sportsbook.

Spread Bets

This is a popular football bet and here the sportsbook would publish the number of goals by which the favored team would win. Here you have to bet by guessing the team that would cover the spread. If you select the favored team it would have to win the match covering the spread and scoring more than the mentioned number of goals, while if you can also bet on the underdog.

Half time results

This is a simple wager here the bet is placed on the team that would lead the game at halftime.

Correct Final Score

Can you guess the final score with which both the team finish the match? Yes, it is difficult but if you could guess the right score you tend to get a high payout for this wager.

Both teams to score

This is the simple wager of yes or no. Here the online sportsbook betting Malaysia would select a point in the match and you would be asked to bet whether during the selected time any of the team would score a goal or not.

Goalscorer Wager

This is categorized into three forms of bets. The first is deciding which player from either of the team would score the first. The second is who would make the final goal of the game. The player could be from any team. In the third type, you pick a player and place a bet that he will make a goal at a particular point in the match.

Score/ No Score

The simplest wager but tough on deciding. You would have to decide whether your selected team make a goal or not in the match.

Future Wager

This is relevant in the tournament, leagues, and championships. The bet is placed on some future result of the championship or tournament.

Parlay Bets/Accumulator bets

Here you will make several bets under the same category and as you win a bet you are paid the substantial part. It is very difficult to get all the predictions right.

Grand Salami Bet

Grand Salami bet is a twisted version of over/under bet. Here again, the online sportsbook betting Malaysia would publish the score and you place your bet thereafter.

Scorecast Bet

Scorecast Wager is difficult as the first bet in this category would be of the first goal by which player and then you have to forecast the exact final score.

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