How to Play Video Poker Online

Written by Morgan Burton
Before the ability to play video poker online, it was (and still is) played in casinos using a computerised console with a screen, similar to a slot machine. The rules of video poker are based around five-card draw poker.
Video poker is brighter and simpler than traditional card poker, and is a firm favourite among online casinos as an exciting and easier-to-follow game. Also when you play video poker online there are no other players playing against you, so the novice, or just the shy can be less wary. It can be a good way to get to grips with the basics of poker, and as the machine automatically “finds” your winning hands, it seems the odds are less stacked against the new player.
To play video poker online, the player presses the “Deal” button which draws the cards. The player can then choose to keep the cards, or discard one or more in exchange for new cards drawn from the “virtual” deck, which is randomised by the software. After this, the game evaluates the hand if the player has either won or lost and offers a payout based on if the hand matches one of the winning hands determined by the game and pays out accordingly.
In a typical game of video poker online, the payouts begin with a minimum hand of a pair of jacks, allocating a higher payout based on how rare the hand is.
Tips and Tricks
The best way to learn to play video poker online is to start with smaller bets, until you are confident you have the hang of it. Although video poker calls your winning cards for you, there is a certain amount of skill involved for players to hone when deciding whether or not to keep particular cards.
The Jack Can Win it! – Many new players believe that the Ace card is the one to watch when you play video poker online, but this is often not the case, the Jack is actually the card that can win you the most hands. Keep an eye out for him!
Don’t Rush – Don’t worry if you are unsure about what you are doing, take time to study your hands and think over your strategy as you play. As you play video poker online alone, you are not inconveniencing anyone by being careful, so take your time! Once you get the hang of it, though, feel free to speed up and feel the rush of confidence; remember the best way to learn and get better is to keep playing!
Video Poker Tips
Hold any single high card.
Prefer four card royal flushes to made straights, flushes, or pairs.
Low pairs are higher than four card straights.
There are winning streaks and losing streaks; keep an eye on your bankroll and be careful.

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